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Synthetic vs natural


What is the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins and antioxidants?

This is a topic we are happy to address; It is due to use of common terms like “vitamins and antioxidants”, and not natural or synthetic.

This makes the case very confusing, as well as misleading.

We at Liquid Gold use exclusive natural antioxidants that are in the oils which is cold pressed, hence everything written about our vitamins and antioxidants are natural, not synthetic.

This is important information when choosing products.


This is important to note, since no vitamins and antioxidants that are synthesized are not as well absorbed by the skin, do not have the same properties.

Some believe that synthetic to natural is quite the same, but that synthetic is only cheaper. Others believe there is a bigger difference.

But research shows that a synthetic vitamin is neither identical at the atomic or molecular level. As an example there is beta-carotene, which consists of 2 molecules, compared to synthetic that consists of one molecule and one color substance.

Studies also show that a natural vitamin has better bioavailability and is in perfect harmony with the body and balances the skin.


The research on vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) shows that natural tocopherol is twice as much active as synthetic tocopherol.

This is not hidden studies or research but can easily be purchaced, or contact government agencies that can help.