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Liquid Gold for skin


  • Neutralizes free radicals (oxidative stress) and repairs the damage
  • Absorbs UVA and UVB rays in the skin like a sunscreen
  • Prevents sun-induced wrinkles and pigment disorders
  • Regulates sebum production.
  • Prevents dry and glossy skin, provides moisture and glow.
  • protects against heat and cold (climate)
  • The oil has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Maintains the immune system
  • Treat skin irritations and light skin damage such as skin pigmentation, eczema, psoriasis and acne


  • After beauty treatments and other external stresses to the skin

  • And others harsh stresses on the skin such as burning and vigorous heating

  • Protection from the sun

  • Before and after hair removal

  • Intimate and sensitive areas

  • Facial Cleanser

  • Under makeup

  • Before and after shower

  • Morning and evening

Against wrinkles

Apply a small amount of LG oil to the face and gently massage the oil into the skin. The oils penetrate deep into the skin during air drying.

A few drops are enough to make your face smooth and silky.

Against skin irritations

Liquid Gold oils are moisturizing and keep the skin soft and supple. This is the basic treatment for atopic eczema and other skin irritations as well as preventing it.

Lubricate with the oils at least twice daily as well as after showering and bathing. If the skin is very dry and with a lot of itching, you can apply more often.

The dryness of the skin and the degree of eczema (skin irritation) are crucial to the amount of oil needed.

For shaving and hair removal

Do you suffer from dryness and burning when shaving and removing hair? Massage a small amount of LG oil into the skin before shaving.

The oils work with the hairs and help to make the shaving smooth and comfortable.

Apply a few drops after shaving and hair removal to moisturize and cushion the scars.