Liquid Gold for body


  • Prevents cracked lips, gives glow and softens them
  • Provides moisture and shine to the nails and nail root
  • Provides moisture to dry and hard skin on the feet and heel
  • Prevents dark lines under the eyes
  • Stimulates the exchange and oxygen supply to the skin
  • Stimulates cell renewal that makes the skin elastic and counteracts wrinkles
  • Revitalizes the skin and provides increased comfort and well-being
  • Treat skin irritation, acne, eczema, cracked skin during pregnancy, burns, insect bites, psoriasis and chickenpox


  • After beauty treatments and other external stresses to the skin
  • And others harsh stresses on the skin such as burning and vigorous heating
  • Before and after hair removal
  • Protection from sun and cold
  • Intimate and sensitive areas
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Under makeup
  • Before and after shower
  • Morning and evening

Against dry lips

Liquid gold oils repair and soften cracked lips.

Apply a small amount of oil to the lips as you apply lipstick and gently massage in


Liquid Gold oils can be used as a gentle form of exfoliation. Mix a few drops of LG oil in water and massage the face with the mixture using a face cloth. Then rinse your face with clean water and gently wipe with a soft towel.

Feel free to take a few drops after the cleanse for an even better effect

 On hands and nails

Apply a few drops of the oil directly to the nails. Make sure to apply the oil well into the nail root and on the edge of the nails.

With regular use, your nails will regain the glow, become softer and much less prone to dryness and cracks.