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Free radicals

Also called oxidative stress. It is released when the body burns oxygen, which is a process called oxidation. The skin tackles a bit of it, but too much can damage the skin. It can be the cause of many skin conditions, skin irritations, pigmentation and skin cancer.

Several studies show factors that increase this process (oxidation) to an unhealthy level, are tough stresses on the skin; such as UV radiation, laser, heavy heating and skin burning. Or simply “beauty treatments.”

But there is of course more; climate, sunbathing, pollution, smoke and stress,

not to mention creams, cereals and products that contain cocktails of dangerous chemicals, which might be used on daily level.

It is also very difficult to distinguish between good to poor products in the jungle of products and guerrilla marketing. So, do you really need so many different products?

But how to proceed when choosing products for the skin?

  1. Read the table of content to see what it contains mostly of in the product. The beginning of the table of content is what the product contains most of.
  2. Find out which substances involved in the products are critical dangerous to the skin.
  3. Find out exactly what vitamins and / or antioxidants you need for your skin, not which products. (feel free to contact for questions)
  4. Do some research on the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins / antioxidants
  5. Also; look for potential side effects of the products, not just the effect. You may think twice before buying it.
  6. Find out if you want to treat the skin as quickly as possible, or the best way possible.

This should be done with every possible product you buy, whether big or small, for male or female. It is never foolish to do some extra research yourself. Then it is more burdensome to be a victim of bad products and mass marketing.

“Oxidative stress can lead to molecular damage such as DNA mutations and lipid and protein oxidation. This can contribute to aging and age-related degenerative diseases, promote cancer development and contribute to inflammatory diseases»

This is taken from an overview article written by:
Kirsti Berg bioengineering, PhD in clinical medicine–venn-eller-fiende.pdf