How Liquid Gold is produced


Liquid Gold sells cold-pressed oils of the finest quality – Norwegian and Debio certified products, with the best ingredients from Morocco. The owner, Fauzi Fariss, is part of the entire production chain – from harvesting nuts and flowers, to packing and shipment of products.

Our products are produced on a certified farm, and are not tested on animals.

Our oils

Liquid Gold´s oils are made from 100% concentrated produce, straight from Morocco.

The first step in the process is to harvest and sun dry the produce.  This is the starting point for our oils.

Once the precious core of the argan nuts is revealed, the cores must be cold pressed in an oil press machine.

The oil is stored for a period of time under pressure, so that its heavier parts tumble down to the bottom.

The oil is filtered so that only its purest parts are the further products. The oil is stored in barrels before being sent on to bottling.

Quality produce

Liquid Gold takes pride in quality products. Quality products start with quality produce. Liquid Gold´s products are produced in Norway, with carefully picked and processed Morrocan produce.

The purity of the oils makes them a sought after beauty product. Moroccan oils are widely known for their anti-age and purifying effect. The oils add intense moisture to skin and hair, contributing to a healthy and glowing appearance.

Is it real oil?

There are thousands of different products on the market today which claim they contain 100% real Argan and Prickly Pear Oil.

It is important to check how many percent the products claim to contain. In many products, the oils are mixed with other other substances. This is often devastating, as many different chemicals can break down the good vitamins and minerals in the oils.

Be critical

Liquid Gold only use produce grown in Morocco with cosmetic and plant-based properties.

Everything is not “real”. The fact that the product is from Morocco is no guarantee that it is pure. Often, authentic oils can be mixed with almond oil. Always ask for documentation.