About Liquid Gold

Natural, pure, ecological and ethical.

When Liquid Gold was founded these values was most important to us.
Liquid Gold produces cold pressed oils of the finest quality – Norwegian and Debio-certified products, with the best ingredients from Marocco.
Our pride is in these products and their freshness. Thats why our oils are squeezed and bottled only weeks before delivery.

Our oils are produced on a certified farm, and are not tested on animals.

Passion and dedication

Liquid Gold is operated and owned by Fauzi Fariss. Fauzi is Norwegian-Marrocan who has great knowledge of the country where the ingredients are collected from. For generations, the Argan Oil and the Prickly Pear Oil has been at the heart of his family, and today, Fauzi is committed to producing and selling products of the best quality.


We recommend that you keep the bottle well sealed and away from direct sunlight. Use the oil within eight months of opening for optimum use. The oils are still useful after eight months, but you may experience thicker texture and a stronger smell.

Are you ready for a natural revolution?