Liquid Gold for skin


  • Stimulates cell renewal that makes the skin elastic and counteracts wrinkles
  • Stimulates exchange and oxygen supply to the skin
  • Revitalizes the skin and provides increased comfort and well-being
  • Treats skin irritation, acne, eczema, cracked skin during pregnancy, burns, psoriasis and chickenpox
  • Prevents cracked lips, as well as softens them.


  • Before and after hair removal
  • Mix with different types of creams (wrinkle cream, day / night cream, moisturizer) or just clean.
  • On the lips like a lepomade (for moisture and cracked lips)
  • Peeling (facial cleansing)

Against wrinkles

Put a small amount of Liquid Gold on the face and gently rub the oil into the skin. The oil is very light and draws deep into the skin by air drying.
Liquid Gold is a 100% pure Argan oil. A few drops are sufficient to make your face smooth and silky. Regular use of Liquid Gold will counteract the formation of new wrinkles.

Against skin irritations

Liquid Gold can be used as a gentle form of peeling. Mix a few drops of Argan oil into water and massage the face with the mixture using a facecloth. Then rinse the face with clean water and wipe gently with a soft towel. To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended that this form of peeling be carried out at least once a week.
Apply the oil in the morning and at bedtime to avoid dry skin. If you are tired of oily skin, it is recommended to use the oil sparingly to ensure that you do not seal the pores.

Against dry lips

Liquid can soothe and soften cracked lips. Lubricate a small amount of oil on your lips as you apply lipstick.

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