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best kept

Natural, Pure, Organic and Ethical = Quality

When Liquid Gold was founded, it was these values that we focused on.

Liquid Gold produces the highest quality cold pressed oils – Norwegian and Debio certified products, with the best raw materials from Morocco and other places in the world. Liquid Gold oils are squeezed and bottled just a few weeks before you get them in your hand.

Our oils are produced on a certified farm and are not tested on animals.

Our oils are pressed only from fruits, nuts, plants and seeds and have no additives.


Passion and commitment

Liquid Gold’s oils are made from 100% concentrated oil, directly from Morocco, and other places in the world.

The first step in the process is to harvest and sun-dry nuts and fruits. The raw materials should then be dried and peeled, leaving only the precious cores.

That is the principle for our oils.

Tips and advice

We recommend that you keep the bottles away from direct sunlight. Keep the seal tight. Use the oils within 24 months after opening  for optimal benefit. The oil is only for cosmetic use. The oil should not be in direct contact with the eyes.

Recommended after skin treatments and other major strain on the skin.